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When my cat tries to help me write my blog

While I'm writing my blog, my cat--Caesar--will wander in at some point for love and attention.

Although when he decides I've been on my phone or laptop too long and am not worshipping him to the extent he feels is his due, he becomes persnickety. At which point, he gnaws on my phone, which is in my one hand as I try to pet him with the other, or he steps on my laptop keyboard to make sure my attention is now fully focused on him.

Caesar believes this is super helpful. I, however, do not.

But why else would he feel the need to attack my electronics?

The real reason might be as simple as he loves me and he wants me to love him, too. And the way he wants to be loved is with kisses to the head, head bumps, and prolonged hugs.

So his 'help' might be self-serving, but it also forces me to stop obsessing about what I'm writing and wondering if the words I already have on the page are good enough or *right* enough. The self-doubt can be crippling but less so when he's around. The awful voices wash away--at least for a little while--when Caesar helps and the electronics are left behind. And for this, I'm grateful.

Caesar's help soothes the soul, calms the mind, and brings joy to the heart. Maybe you need an animal helper, too. Who knows?

In the meantime, much love and stay safe in the pandemic. I'll see you again next week.


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