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The Duck Coalition declares war on Rainbow Nation

By Shakira Turtle, Underwater Gazette

Updated 12:06 PM ET, Sat January 16, 2021

(Underwater Gazette) – In a race to build the perfect robot, the Kittens of Rainbow Nation are in competition with the Duck Coalition, who live on the opposite side of the lake from each other. This competitive nature spans the last three years across different avenues—creating the best ice cream flavor, determining the best swimmer to compete against the Underwater District, and cultivating the best lilac bush. Rainbow Nation failed the swimming competition when the Ducks humiliated them, but Rainbow Nation won the self-cleaning competition afterwards. Robots are the newest aspect to this continued rivalry.

Up until three days ago, the Duck Coalition’s robots were marching around, based on a video provided to the Gazette; however, the robots now appear to topple over or stop moving entirely after a step or two on the knolls. Charlie, of Duck Nation, blamed Rainbow Nation for this turn of events.

While speaking with Charlie, he stated, “The Kittens knew we were superior, so they stole our robot schematics and messed with our batteries. Now the robots don’t move well. And it’s all their fault. This means war!”

The Duck Coalition and Rainbow Nation will be meeting on the island in the middle of the lake above the Underwater District for the final robot presentation tomorrow, Sun January 17, 2021 at 1:00 PM ET. Awards for the best robots will be presented at that time.

The Kittens could not be reached for a statement before the printing of this article.

Photo by Bernard De Jager from Pexels

*NOTE: This story was inspired by an assortment of words prompt both Scarlet Bauer (Twitter @BauerScarlet) and I had to include in our stories -- low battery, rainbow, duck, kitten, lake, and robot. Her story will be posted to her blog on Monday, January 18, 2021. Make sure to check it out at :)

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