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Some loans aren't worth it

“Jenna? There are some people coming up our driveway that are, um…do you remember that I said I stopped gambling?”

Jenna’s eyes lift even as her head stays down towards her laptop. Anger tightens her heart as most of her other muscles tense. “Cecile, I seriously hope you’re joking because I’ve already pushed you into Gamblers Anonymous…twice.”

If Cecile’s eyes could become anymore of the puppy-dog-look, she’d turn into an actual dog.

Jenna fell in love with an illusion and now she needs to deal with the fallout of the reality. She stands from her chair to walk over to Cecile who’s trembling by the half-shuttered window. “Why are there people coming up the driveway, Cecile? Who are they?”

With a gulp, “I borrowed some money a week ago. I’m sorry Jenna.”

And that’s all the talking they can do before a beefy man kicks in the door. He and his sidekick storm in. Bozo 1 hits Cecile in the ribs with a crowbar. Bozo 2 strikes out at Jenna, clipping her in the upper jaw.

Cecile cries out but her countenance shows she is resigned to her fate.

Jenna tries to fight back once she realizes she can’t keep backing up. Hard to back up with a wall preventing it. The next punch slams into her stomach. Final one before lights out cracks into the same part of her jaw from the first.

Poor Cecile doesn’t pass out before both women are dragged away.


Jenna comes to in a basement jail cell, strapped to Cecile by the ankle. The heavy chains clink with any movement against each other, otherwise they remain silent.

“I could strangle you.” Jenna whispers her irritation.

“Eh sowwy. Ah jah huwts.”

“I’m surprised it’s only your jaw that hurts. Didn’t that guy clock you with a tire iron to the ribs?”

“Sill numb.”

Jenna wonders if Cecile will die from internal injuries before they can get out or are released from wherever they were. Except, that’s when a slick-backed man strolls down the stairs to the left. Jenna finally notices the stairs even exist. She contemplates whether she can use them as an escape.

“Hey girly.”

Jenna’s about to respond to the condescending introduction when she notes his eyes are not on her.

“Had to have my boys deal with you once. Second time lands my delinquent clients here. Don’t normally have to bring in the spouse as well but my boys thought it would be a good idea to bring you both. Doesn’t make a difference to me.”

Jenna realizes he’s one of those monologuing villains. Maybe he plans to bore them to death.

“Jenna is it?” He looks in her direction. “Do you want to leave? Because I can make it happen. But I need you to take out some trash for me first.” He throws a sawed-off pipe through the bars, which clicks at Cecile’s feet. “Kill her. You walk free. Even if you don’t, it doesn't look like she has much time anyway.” He shrugs. Then he walks away. Halfway up the stairs he calls back to them. “No one will come back down until you finish the job. Until then, enjoy the nonexistent food.”

The implication hit Jenna hard. But… “I won’t hurt you Cecile.” Jenna interlaces her fingers with Cecile.

Cecile’s eyes turn duller each second they stay in the cell. Jenna holds her close and rocks her when she dies. The internal bleeding was too much. There was nothing Jenna could do.

Heavy thuds pound down the stairs. Bozo 1 says nothing. He opens the cell door and holds a gun on Jenna, indicating she should leave the weapon behind if she still wanted her freedom.

Jenna leaves the lead pipe behind.

Cecile will never leave. But Jenna will keep Cecile’s love and memories in her heart.

I love you Cecile. I always will.

Fresh air spills across Jenna’s cheeks as the jailer’s front door slams behind her.

After a few deep, gulping breathes, Jenna straightens and walks away.

I love you Cecile.

I always will.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

This story was based on the following random scenario prompt: "You've been ordered to kill someone you've fallen in love with. How did you get into this situation and what will you do next?"

I would love to hear your opinions on my post. Feel free to sign up and login, it's easy and won't cost you a thing aside from a few moments of your time. I hope to hear from you and I also hope you have a wonderful day.


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