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Sea of Glass

Adrift on a sea of glass

All alone without a mast

Breaking the silence

By asking the wind

Can you make my ship sail again

Cloaked in night

Drifting away

Desperate for land

Each and everyday

Especially after the sun goes away

Forgetting my life

Far away and dim

Growing to myth

Gathering cobwebs

How do I reconnect

Hoping my mind

Incites a riot

Interchanging fact and fantasy

Jiggering the lines

Jumping overboard or staying here

Kelp in the water or

Kool aid in the brain

Learning the sea

Living with the insane

May as well accept

Moving on with my life

No more pretending

No more lies that rescue is coming

Open the hatches

Operate the wheel

Pin a destination

Prepare for a ride

Return to a purpose

Ready to fly

Saving myself

Setting worries free

Tuning out the danger

Tunnel vision

Upon a single hope

Upping the speed

Very nearly there

Vision misty and clouded

What will I do first

When I finally make it home


Y and


Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

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