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I'm in the Crow Calls Vol. I anthology!

Cover created by Lauren Hellekson

Hey all!

As of 20 March 2021, two of my poems were published in the Crow Calls Volume I anthology.

Woohoo! This is all thanks to two wonderful people at Quill and Crow Publishing House -- Cassandra Thompson and Marie Casey -- who not only compiled and pulled together the anthology, but also started the crowcalls hashtag on Twitter in January 2021. I'm so thankful to be included in anthology, especially considering how many other talented poets were also part of the group.

If you're interested in checking out the Crow Calls Volume I anthology, here's the link:

I hope you enjoy!

And if you want to check out Cassandra and Marie on Twitter, you can find them at the following handles:

Cassandra Thompson (@CassThomps13)

Marie Casey (@theMarieCasey)

Here's another poem I came up with for your entertainment:

We walk hand-in-hand

To worlds of burgundy and chrome

Searching for sunflowers and old age

But that place is for the future

Right now we're happy on the journey

One minute to the next

Photo by Bob Ward from Pexels

I would love to hear your opinions on my post. Feel free to sign up and login, it's easy and won't cost you a thing aside from a few moments of your time. I hope to hear from you and I also hope you have a wonderful day.


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