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Author Erin Quill

Works In Progress

* Picture Books:

1. Why is my grandpa so forgetful? (About Alzheimer's)

2. Vampire Witching Hour (About compromise) 

3. Viola the Violet (About helping those deemed "different")

4. Monkey goes to the hospital (About overcoming the fear of the hospital through education on what really happens there)

5. Goodbye Apple Tree (About how to understand and cope with loss)


*Untitled Middle Grade Novel:

(Working Title: Poop and Giants)

Two middle school boys make a wish. Bring on an adventure where giants need help because their toilets are clogged. Our heroes (and their teacher) must solve the backed up poop problem before the water supplies become poisoned. But how they reach the giants and solve the problem is entirely up in the air.


*My blog (a constant work in progress)


Published Works

May 2021: One poem published in "3 Moon Magazine's Issue #7" Anthology

May 2021: Two of my poems - Found in the "Crow Calls: Volume Two" Anthology

Mar 2021:

Two of my poems - Found in the "Crow Calls: Volume One" Anthology

Oct 2020:
Flirting with Vikings - Found in the "Of Cottages and Cauldrons" Anthology

November 2019:
ErinQuill8 - Found in "Crispy Rooftop Conversation Stories"

In The Press 

Erin addresses grammatical errors and makes concise, to-the-point, easy to understand suggestions regarding wording, dialog and other issues. To me, as a novice writer, it was important that she was timely, extremely responsive and that her comments were both constructive and encouraging. She will help you make your writing the best it can be. [Editing]

Maureen Murray Heaton,

I've never had the pleasure of a full edit of a rough draft from Erin, but she's looked over a number of my manuscripts after they've gone through my two normal editors and it never fails to surprise me just how many errors she finds that have slipped by everyone else up to that point. She's got a good eye! [Editing]

Dean Murray,


Erin Quill:


Erin works full-time as a Project Manager in the field of threat analysis and writes after hours. She has multiple published works and numerous works-in-progress to date. She also owns a cat and currently lives in Pennsylvania. But to really get to know her better, let's do a little Q&A.


Q:  What is Erin Quill's favorite book and why?

A: My favorite book is probably "The Hitman's Guide to Finding Love and Making Friends" by Alice Winters because it's one of the funniest romance and adventure stories I've ever read and I love the audiobook.

To see all the Q&A's with Erin Quill, check out the About Me page. If you're interested in more of her writing and poetry, then check out her blog via the Blog page, which can be found at the top of Quill Corner.

In The Press

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Due to COVID-19, I will not be attending any events at this time.
If you would like to meet me in person please contact me at or contact me via my Twitter handle, erinquill8, and I'll set something up with you.

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